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Public Attributes

__attribute__ Struct Reference

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Public Attributes

uint8_t centiseconds
uint8_t charSetInfo [63]
uint8_t charSetType
uint8_t day
uint16_t descCRC
uint16_t descCRCLength
uint16_t descVersion
uint32_t extLength
uint32_t extLocation
lb_addr extLocation
uint32_t extPosition
uint8_t fileType
uint16_t flags
uint8_t flags
uint8_t hour
uint8_t hundredsOfMicroseconds
uint8_t ident [23]
uint8_t identSuffix [8]
uint8_t impUse [6]
uint32_t informationLength
uint32_t logicalBlockNum
uint8_t microseconds
uint8_t minute
uint8_t month
uint16_t numEntries
lb_addr parentICBLocation
uint16_t partitionReferenceNum
uint32_t priorRecordedNumDirectEntries
uint32_t recordedLength
uint8_t reserved
uint8_t second
uint16_t strategyParameter
uint16_t strategyType
uint8_t tagChecksum
uint16_t tagIdent
uint32_t tagLocation
uint16_t tagSerialNum
uint16_t typeAndTimezone
int16_t year

Detailed Description

Definition at line 41 of file ecma_167.h.

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